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Our 80 cc Sports Bicycle Engine Kit is our most popular conversion kit. Our kits include all the parts you need to convert your bike to a motorised pushbike .... Engine, petrol tank, chain, sprocket, throttle, carburetor, cables etc.

Our Taipan 80cc bicycle engine with sport carburetor is the fastest bicycle engine available.  No special tuning is required, this motor performs in standard form straight from the box.


Bicycle Engine 80cc

80cc Sport Bicycle Engine Kit

Power packed motor kits for off-road use

The 80cc engine with sport carburettor is our most popular engine kit for a number of reasons:

It is the fastest bicycle engine available in standard form.

It provides the renowned ZBox reliability

It is the highest quality engine kit – Quality paint, Alan key bolts, quality bearings, single piece crank, and a raft of other modifications that make our engines stand out from the crowd

It is backed by industry leading warranty.

Sports carb for motorised bicycle
Sport Carb for pushbike motor

The 80cc Taipan Sports pack is $290 + shipping is our recommended kit. 

This kit includes all the parts you need to motorise your bicycle, including the Taipan AC carburettor to  provide easier starting and improve torque through the rev range.  The Taipan carburettor has a conical, easy clean sports air filter.  

The standard 80cc Taipan  engine kit replaces the Sports carburettor with an NT carburettor.  The kit is $275 + shipping

The NT carburettor is a  simple construction which performs well.

The NT carb lacks the looks and sophistication of the Sports carb.  The torques is a little less consistent though the rev range, however, this carb still provides the same speed as the Sports carb. and allows the user to vary the petrol:air mix.

Carb for bicycle motor
NT Carb for bicycle motor
I have been using tuned ZBox engines for years. They guys provide great service and really know how to make these engine fly. I love to restore and motorise classic bicycles and used a lot of other brands before I found ZBox. Their engines have the finish, power and reliability that I couldn't find anywhere else.
Bike built by Jules from the Gold Coast
Cruising Warrior

What you get in the Bicycle Engine Kit

80cc bicycle engine kit

Our bicycle engine kits contain all the components you need to convert your bicycle into a motorised bicycle.

You can easily convert your bicycle into a 
reliable and economical powered bicycle.

A degree of mechanical knowledge is useful (but not essential) for installing the bicycle engine and you will find great satisfaction from
building your own fun machine.

Our bicycle engine kits contain everything you need to motorise your bicycle, including:

  • Petrol tank and mounting brackets, filler cap, fuel stop and hose.
  • Carburettor with air filter and throttle cable.
  • Engine with mounting brackets to fix to your bicycle frame.
  • throttle and kill switch, clutch lever and cable.
  • chain and chain tensioner.
  • Rear sprocket and sprocket mounting kit.
  • 415 chain and chain guard.
motorised Tourex bike
motorised Tourex bike

* Many states are introducing legislation to prohibit the on-road use of petrol powered bicycles.  ZBox are not informed of changes to legislation and we recommend that you verify legislation with road transport authorities in your area before purchasing a 200 Watt motor for use on public roads. Petrol powered bicycles are no longer allowed in NSW, SA or QLD.

**250 Watt motors must be electric powered and comply with European Pedalec standard EN15194.

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80cc Bicycle Engine Kit
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