Taipan AC Carburettor


Great looks

Improves torque

Easier starting

Semi-automatic choke

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The Taipan AC carb not only looks great, it is more sophisticated carburettor all round than the standard NT carb.

In addition to the fuel jets, this carburettor has a spray bar.  The spray bar is a thin pipe with a number of holes along its length. It is positioned from the top to the bottom of the carburettor inlet so that the more the throttle opens, the more fuel enters the engine.  This provides a very even fuel mixture throughout the rev range which improves torque.

The Taipan carb has a flat throttle slider – A feature of sports carbs which improves performance.

The carb looks great with a conical, easy clean air filter.

It also has a semi-automatic choke which is a great convenience.  The rider pushes the choke lever down to switch the choke on.  As the engine heats up, the rider naturally opens the throttle full. When the throttle is fully open, the choke automatically switches off. This means you can concentrate on the road ahead rather than fumbling between your legs searching for a throttle lever.

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