Octane Zombie Expansion Chamber


Specifically designed for performance, this is the pipe that will make your motor fly.

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This pipe has been designed from the ground up for performance and has many unique features:

  1. The pipes have a resonance chamber at the end of the expansion pipe which accepts an end-cap.  The end cap reduces the engine volume considerably (although the pipe is still loud).
  2. The pipe has been designed to be easy to fit.  It has oversized holes in the mounting plate to allow some lateral movement of the header pipe to assist fitting.
  3. The header pipe and expansion chamber are provided in two separate sections to allow the expansion chamber to be moved up and down the header pipe changing the length of the expansion pipe.  Increasing the length bowers the RPM where peak power is produced (Improves torque/acceleration).  Reducing the overall length of the pipe increases the RPM for peak power (Improves speed).

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Weight 2.5 kg