Magneto Coil


The magneto coil is found behind the front left panel of the engine and generates charge used by the CDI.

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If your magneto has been low on power, it often stresses the CDI.  We recommend that you replace your CDI at the same time.

Note that some units are provided with an additional white wire.  It is recommended that you do not use this wire.


Wire connections are:

Black wire from Magneto connects to black wire of CDI.

Blue wire of Magneto connects to the blue wire of the CDI.

White wire from the magneto should be insulated and remain disconnected. (the white wire should be insulated from the engine casing)

Connecting the Kill Switch:

Double female connectors are provided on the CDI to accept the bullet connectors from the Magneto and the Kill Switch.  Wires from the kill switch should be connected across the CDI.  Orientation is not important for the Kill Switch wires – Any combination is correct.

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