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Performance Parts for Bicycle Engines

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Performance parts for bicycle engines - Tested to make sure you perform

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Expansion pipe for motorised bicycle

Performance Pipes

Expansion chambers - Maximum power boost

We call this expansion chamber the “Scrambler Pipe” as the up over the cylinder head style is common on many scrambler / motocross motorcycles.

This pipe is all about looks and it does a great job of transforming your engine into a show piece.

This expansion chamber has no baffle so it is very loud.

This pipe adds power to both 50 cc and 80 cc bicycle engines.  As with all 2-stroke engine modifications, if you change the pipe you will often have to re-tune the carburetor to match.

Note that the high pipe looks sensational but be cautious that there is ample clearance for the riders legs.

If you are looking for out and out performance and ease of fitting, we recommend the Octane Zombie expansion chamber.

This page highlights just a few of the great looking accessories that we have to enhance your motorised bicycle project.


We have everything from performance carbs to board track racer petrol tanks.  If your looking for something that isn’t shown on this page then phone us on 0420 660 866.  The likely-hood is that we will have what you are looking for

Cylinder head for motorised bicycle

Cylinder Heads

CNC Machined from billet alloy

Our CNC machined cylinder head is a magnificent piece of engineering.  Cut from a single block of high grade aluminium, this cylinder head is massive when compared to regular cylinder heads.

This cylinder head delivers looks in spades.  It gives your 80 cc bicycle engine the look of a far bigger motor.

This cylinder head is not all about looks, the large block of billet alloy and the extensive air cooling fins will soak up the heat from your engine block.

The high compression combustion chamber is also machined in the classic bell shape proven to deliver more power.  Note however that although the shape of the high compression squish band is designed to produce more power, you will have to re-balance your exhaust and carburetor to see additional performance.

It is also worth noting that the classic bell shape of the combustion chamber is relatively high compared to the standard head and the spark plug thread extends over 1 cm. 

A long thread, extended nose spark plug is recommended.

Sports carb for motorised bicycle

Sports Carburettors

Taipan AC Carburettors

Out Taipan AC carburetor is a sensational looking carb. with loads of features.

It has a racing style flat face throttle slider. 

The throttle slider reveals a spray bar as it opens.  This delivers a more even fuel:air mixture throughout the rev range.

The sports air filter maximises the air intake into the carb. as well as looking great and being easy to clean.

The AC carb also has a semi-automatic choke.  Push the choke lever down to start a cold engine and it will remain on.  Twist the throttle fully open to disengage the choke.  The semi-automatic mechanism prevents you from searching around between your legs to close the throttle while you are riding.

I can’t get over how many folk want to wave you down to ask about the bike, or walk over at the local shops to have a closer look. I cannot recommend enough how good this engine kit is, my wife says she hasn't seen me smile this much for a while.
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