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Electric Bicycle Engine Kits

Faster - Stronger - Better

Convert your bike into a motorised electric bicycle from only $395.

Electric Bicycle motor Kits

250W Electric Motor Kit

200/250 Watt electric motor kits

Our 250 Watt electric hub motor kits operate on 36 Volts to ensure that the “current draw” does not overload the batteries. (Often, 24 Volt batteries cannot supply energy quickly enough and the motor cannot produce its full power)

Our 36 Volt systems have been designed to ensure that:
1) The motor is operating to its full capacity;
2) The batteries are not stressed (the higher current draw on lower voltage systems can shorten battery life) and 
3) The extra voltage battery packs provide greater travel distance when compared to 24 Volt and other lower voltage systems.

36 Volt Li-ION Battery

Powerful 36 Volt 12 Amper Hour

ZBox quality continues with these high quality bicycle motor kits providing the perfect battery to transport your bicycle Around 25 Klm on a single charge.

You can supply your own battery if you prefer or choose the ZBox battery 

A sleek, elegant and light, brushed metal “drink flask” style lithium ion battery – 36 Volt, 12 AH Li-ION. Lithium Ion batteries are supplied with a charger for $380

ZBox engine kit comes with all parts you will need except batteries.  These should be orderred separately.

(Notes: *AH – Amper Hour.
Battery power is rated in both voltage and the current that the battery can deliver for one hour. (So 36V, 12 AH = 432 Watts delivered for one hour of operation)

Electric bike controller

Electric Bike Parts

Replacement parts for electric bicycle motor kits

We stock a complete inventory of all the replacement parts you may require.

Our parts are not only compatible with our electric kits, but can be used to replace faulty components on a wide range of electric bicycles.

We have found through experience that the most frequent occurring fault with electric bikes is the battery systems.  Batteries must be handled carefully and charged with a proper regime to ensure that they give the best performance.  Even so, batteries tend to degrade over time and usually require replacement after two years or so.

After the battery, we have found that electric controllers and throttles are prone to damage. Note that it is always better to order the controller with a throttle as there are a huge array of connector plugs and throttle wiring.  Compatibility issues are a concern if ordered separately.

Thanks for the motor. I have been riding it to work for 3 weeks now, its 5 kilometers to work mostly up hill and the motor makes it fun. Attached are some photos of my bike. I bought it for $10 and cleaned it up and gave it a coat of paint. The head light is a dynamo light I bought from America. Thanks Tim.
3000W Electric Bike "in-house" build
Electric Racing Demon

What's in the Electric Bicycle Engine Kit

250W electric hub motor kit

Our bicycle engine kits contain all the components you need to convert your bicycle into a motorised electric bicycle.

You can easily convert your bicycle into a 
reliable and economical powered bicycle by removing your rear bicycle wheel and replacing it with our motorised wheel.

A degree of mechanical knowledge is useful (but not essential) for installing the bicycle engine and you will find great satisfaction from building your own fun machine.

Our bicycle engine kits contain everything you need to motorise your bicycle, including:

  • Electric rear hub motor spoked into a 26″ double skimmed alloy wheel-rim. 
  • The electric motor is provided with mounting nuts, a 5 speed gear cluster, tyre and inner-tube.
  • A 36 Volt, smart electronic, square wave, 3 phase controller.
  • Throttle and power switch, duel clutch levers with automatic cut-off safety switches.
  • Cable connectors to all components.

Note that batteries are sold separately.

Kodiak electric bicycle
Kodiak electric bicycle

Getting Maximum Performance from your Battery

Use as little power as possible when riding the bike. It is far better to start off by pedalling and have the bike rolling before engaging the motor (using the motor to “take off” dramatically reduces the life of the motor), it also uses an enormous amount of power.   The motor in pedalec powered bikes is designed to operate after a few turns of the pedals.

Charge the Power Pack as often as possible. Think of it as a water reservoir that will supply maximum pressure only when it is full.  Note:  Never  let the battery pack go flat!  This will reduce the life expectancy of your battery (despite what you may have heard).

When the charger indicates the Power Pack is fully charged, switch off the charger. Over charging the batteries will cause overheating and, shorten the life of the Power Pack.  The charger supplied with the kits is designed to supply reduced charge as the battery reaches capacity.  Despite this, it is still not good practice to leave the batteries on charge for long periods.

Always switch ‘off’ the Power Pack “Isolation Switch”, or remove the power lead, when the bike is not in use.

Note that ZBox are not informed of changes to legislation and we recommend that you verify legislation with road transport authorities in your area before purchasing an elecric bicycle conversion kit for use on public roads.

**250 Watt motors must be electric powered and comply with European Pedalec standard EN15194.

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