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200 Watt Bicycle Engine

Faster - Stronger - Better

Everything you need to convert your bicycle to a 200 Watt motorised bike

200 Watt Bicycle Engine Kit

Bicycle Engine 50cc

200 Watt Bicycle Engine Kit

Road Legal (refer below)*

Our 200 Watt bicycle engine is designed in Australia to comply with maximum power output regulations for use on public roads.

These engines are constructed in Australia and rigorously tested to ensure that it complies with the 200 Watt power limit allowed by legislation. *

The result is an with a similar top speed to 250 watt electric engines (around 25 KPH).  There are, however, numerous advantages of a petrol engines when compared to electric:

Travel distance is not restricted by battery limitations. A litre of fuel will take you around 100 Klm, then you simply refuel and go.  You do not have to wait 8 hours for the battery to charge.

These engine are lower cost as they do not require expensive batteries every 2 years or so.

Engines are backed by industry leading warranty.

Every engine is tested and issued with the engineers certificate of compliance.  The certificate confirms that it produces less than 200 Watts of  power and is signed by our test engineer.

Environmentally Friendly 200 Watt Petrol Engines.

200 Watt bicycle engines are often considered to be a poor environmental choice when, in fact, the opposite is true.

Electric powered bikes and cars are often though to be environmentally friendly.  In some cases, electric vehicles are less harmful to the environment than the equivalent petrol powered vehicle, however, our 200 Watt petrol motor proves to be more environmentally friendly when compared with a 200 Watt electric engine.

Electric bikes seem to be clean, and indeed they do not put hydrocarbons directly into the atmosphere.  When you think about how electricity is produced and  “clean” energy is far from what it appears. 

Keep in mind that 73% of electricity in Australia is produced from coal fired power plants. Although you do not see the pollution, the issue is simply shifted out of site.

Electricity is also massive inefficient. Energy is lost as coal is burned to heat the water needed to power electricity producing turbines. Turbines have mechanical losses before producing electricity. Electricity losses power to resistance and capacitance in the wires used to transport it over “the grid” before a portion of the coal energy is provided at the plug socket.

This is not the end of the issue though.  You then charge you battery by plugging in a transformer (more losses) which charges your battery.  The battery itself produces the biggest loss – The power that you get out of the battery is far less than the power that’s put in….

And then, there is the mechanical and electrical losses of the bicycle motor itself.

Petrol engines, by contrast, are highly efficient as they burn energy closer to the power output.  There is only the mechanical loss of the engine and bike and the chemical loss of the combustion.

I have been using tuned ZBox engines for years. They guys provide great service and really know how to make these engine fly. I love to restore and motorise classic bicycles and used a lot of other brands before I found ZBox. Their engines have the finish, power and reliability that I couldn't find anywhere else.
Bike built by Jules from the Gold Coast
Cruising Warrior

What you get in the Bicycle Engine Kit

Our bicycle engine kits contain all the components you need to convert your bicycle into a motorised bicycle.

You can easily convert your bicycle into a 
reliable and economical powered bicycle.

A degree of mechanical knowledge is useful (but not essential) for installing the bicycle engine and you will find great satisfaction from
building your own fun machine.

Our bicycle engine kits contain everything you need to motorise your bicycle, including:

  • Petrol tank and mounting brackets, filler cap, fuel stop and hose.
  • Carburettor with air filter and throttle cable.
  • Engine with mounting brackets to fix to your bicycle frame.
  • throttle and kill switch, clutch lever and cable.
  • chain and chain tensioner.
  • Rear sprocket and sprocket mounting kit.
  • 415 chain and chain guard.
motorised Tourex bike
motorised Tourex bike

* Many states are introducing legislation to prohibit the on-road use of petrol powered bicycles.  ZBox are not informed of changes to legislation and we recommend that you verify legislation with road transport authorities in your area before purchasing a 200 Watt motor for use on public roads. Petrol powered bicycles are no longer allowed in NSW, SA or QLD.

**250 Watt motors must be electric powered and comply with European Pedalec standard EN15194.

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