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Bicycle Engines

Everything you need to convert your bicycle to a motorised bike from only $235. Why settle for less?
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The Best Bicycle Motor Kits

Petrol and Electric bicycle engine kits from $235 + freight. The kits include everything you need to convert your bike into a powered pushbike. 200 Watt petrol motor kits are available ($425). 200 Watts is the maximum power limitation for road use in all states*. Alternatively, standard 50cc and “80”cc bicycle motors are available for off road use. These are our newest engine kits. The series 5 engine is the only bicycle engine kit in Australia to be built to international quality certification. The ZBox Kits are built to the highest standards using the best quality components. They are the best engineered kits at the lowest wholesale price direct from Australia’s largest bicycle engine importer – you will enjoy many thousand kilometres of reliable service from this high precision unit. Electric hub motor kits are available with 200/250** Watt power outputs. Both power outputs comply with road use in all states. Now you can convert your bicycle into a reliable and economical powered bicycle. A degree of mechanical knowledge is useful (but not essential) for installing the bicycle engine. You will gain great satisfaction and pleasure out of building your own fun machine.
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80cc Taipan Sport


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200 Watt Petrol Kits


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Electric Kits


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Why ZBox Engine Kits are the Best

Unlike our competition, ZBox are continuously upgrading our products to ensure that we provide the highest quality bicycle motors in Australia. 

Mechanically, and aesthetically, there are many differences between ZBox engines when compared to others available in Australia. We back our product with the best warranty provided by any Australian vendor and provide free technical and product support from experienced mechanics who are able to assist with unusual or illusive issues. 

We drive many advancements with our engines to make sure that our bicycle motor kits are always at the leading edge of design.  We test our engines rigorously to ensure that we always have the best performing, most reliable components and that every ZBox engine performs. 

  • Our unique top quality colour design and Alan Key bolts, belies the quality build beneath.
  • ZBox motors have a simplified, better balanced crank which reduces vibration allowing our engines to rev faster than other brands.
  • The better balanced crank allows The Taipan 80cc engines to use barrels which are ported for performance.
  • Less vibration reduces wear on the crank case seals and, with our high quality roller bearings, enables us to tune the motor to higher speeds and produce greater torque.
  • We have developed a 200 Watt engine to comply with Australian power legislation for road use. The engine offers the best torque of any 200 Watt engine we have tested (electric or petrol). These engines are designed to travel at around 25KPH but have increased lower pulling power in the mid speed range.  This provides the extra grunt to tackle hills (which is what most riders are looking for).
  • ZBox use top quality bearings throughout our engines (not bushes used by many other vendors).
  • We pay a premium to remove all asbestos components (other model motors have asbestos in clutch pads, exhaust and other gaskets).
  • We have a higher build standard and quality control using an ISO accredited company to assemble our products. In addition to standard factory tests, we add several additional quality checks – All motors are tested in Australia to ensure that every motor runs correctly.  The motors are then allowed to cool and cylinder head bolts are re-torqued.  This prevents leaking head gasket and associated problems that typically occur within a few days with other manufacturers products.
  • ZBox 80cc engines have wider and thicker front mounting studs making the motors more secure and easier to mount on a greater range of bicycles.
  • ZBox motors use performance carburettors with spray bar and semi-automatic choke. The choke system is not only more convenient, but improves safety as the rider does not have to fumble to reset the choke when riding.  The carburettor almost eliminates flooding and the spray bar makes for easy starting and improved torque.
  • We provide performance components that work. – We offer a number of performance options and, unlike other vendors, we test the products to ensure that they deliver – If a product does not work we do not sell them or have our own unique performance products designed.

These points are not the only differences, however, they highlight some of the reasons why ZBox bicycle engines are the best.

* Many states are introducing legislation to prohibit the on-road use of petrol powered bicycles.  ZBox are not informed of changes to legislation and we recommend that you verify legislation with road transport authorities in your area before purchasing a 200 Watt motor for use on public roads. Petrol powered bicycles are no longer allowed in NSW, SA or QLD.

**250 Watt motors must be electric powered and comply with European Pedalec standard EN15194.

Bicycle Engines
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